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Falcon Pixel Port Toolbox

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Falcon Controllers can be a little confusing to use at first with pixel counts limitations per bank.

A Falcon controller can not have more than 1024 pixels banked together. The easiest way to explain this is look at the setup above, you have a Falcon F16v3, Expansion Board, and a Differential Expansion Board. The first card, or bank, has a max pixel count on a port of 200 pixels. The second card, or bank, has a max pixel count on a port of 297 pixels. The third card, or bank, has a max pixel count of 340 pixels. This would make the pixel count for all banks 837. If the pixel count is over 1024, the setup will not work and will need to be revised.

Here is a google sheet (Falcon Pixel Port Toolbox) that you can make a copy of in your google drive and then fill out. The sheet is can be used with the F48 and the F16v3 with expansion boards and smart or dumb receivers. To use this sheet, click on the link, then click "File" and "Make A Copy", this will save a copy to your Google Drive.

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