Prop is a term commonly used by the holiday lighting industry that is a mold that supports the outline of pixel lights used in creating or enhancing the desired effect. Props are used for just about anything, from outlining your house to full animated props. The propls can be on your house, a display in the yard, corrugated plastic, and so on.

There are so many light props to choose from.  From purchased props to DIY, there's bound to be something for everyone.  The advantage of pre-made "Coro", or Coroplast based plastic.  Its like cardboard but plastic-based.  It's waterproof and weather-resistant, as with most plastic items, it's no UV proof. 


Coro Props

Coro or Coroplast, is an easy way to add elements to your light show. They are pre-drilled plastic that you can place pixels in and then easily add to your show software. In most cases a model of the coro prop is already in xlights, so you can just add the model in xlights and view the wiring diagram to see how it needs to be wired.

High Density Props

High Density Props also known as HDPE are mostly made out of Coro or other plasic mesh. 



Arches are a great way to have lights jump around from one location to another. Most people put them at the front of their yard or on their driveways.  Most people make the leaping arches all the same size, but you can make them bigger going over the driveway.

The Miller Lights


Eve lights help outline the bottom horizontal and some diagonal lines to a house. Generally the lights are tucked up under the overhang of the eves or gable.  

Broomfield Lights


Roof lights help outline the top edges of your home and depending on the pitch and height of the roof can look amazing or can be dificult to see.  It's important to look at your house from the street in the day time and take note if you can see the entire roof peaks. 

Windows & Doors

Outlining your windows and doors with lights gives your house character at night. It adds accent to the other outlines that your may have done like the roof and eves. We will be adding more how-to links for windows and doors in the future.

Mega Tree

Singing Faces


Pixel Poles

Peace Stakes

Build Your Own